Beginners guide: How to find the perfect Wedding Band for you

So, you just got engaged and therefore are looking at the daunting task that is planning your wedding. Fear not because we have all the knowledge to help you tackle at least one item on your to-do list: The Wedding Band.

As you probably are aware the main band can make our break a party. From all the entertainment key points the party band is the most important of the night.

1. Allocate a budget for your entertainment:

Make sure you allocate a fair amount of your budget towards your entertainment, so you don’t miss out on the band of your dreams. It is also very important to hire professional experienced musicians, these may cost a bit more than some other options, but the payoff is undeniable.

Beginners guide: How to find the perfect Wedding Band for you

2. Logistics:

Before booking a band make sure you have set a date and a venue. Once you have these key ingredients checked on your list you can start ringing around for quotes. Believe me, it is very difficult to have an accurate quote without this information.

Also, it is important to check with the venue if there are any setup or noise restrictions so you don’t get any surprises.

3. Notice:

Most of the best wedding bands in Ireland are booked at least one year in advance, get ahead of the pack. Check out the availability of your favorite band as soon as possible to avoid regret later.

Beginners guide: How to find the perfect Wedding Band for you

4. Check Credentials:

Although I am partial to this (due to my job), the safest way to book your entertainment is through an agency. These companies have professionals available for you that will provide you with a contract and make sure all runs smoothly on your big day.

In addition, it is also good to check bands out on Social Media and Showcase gigs, you can get a good feel of their energy and experience.


5. Enjoy your day!

If you follow these simple steps when your special day comes you just need to relax and enjoy the moment with your loved ones.

Check out below some of our most booked Party Bands:

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