A complete Guide To Booking The Best Christmas Entertainment

A complete Guide To Booking The Best Christmas Entertainment

Need some help booking great Christmas Entertainment for your X-mas party? Got your DJ sorted? Let us help you choose suitable entertainment based on your taste and budget.

Here at Audionetworks we have a massive roster of cool acts available that are exciting, exclusive and budget friendly. Our acts are well experienced, professional and reliable. You will have no worries on the day as we wrap up all the details and are in constant contact with our artists daily to ensure smooth runnings.

Once you have the date and venue in place for your Christmas bash we can then check availability of various entertainment ideas and come back to you with different options and packages.

Here we have a potential entertainment running order for a Christmas Party Package suitable for any size corporate event:


As your guests arrive at the main entrance to the venue, we could have a Digital Fire Art display. Stunning visuals makes the arrival area very interesting and cool looking. The effect can also simulate real fire and it looks sensational as the fire jugglers do their thing. They can also be used indoors as there is no fire risk for guests or the venue. We can even program your logo directly into the show for a fresh branding experience.


A Live Sax and DJ duo could then be used for the drinks reception part of the proceedings. This combo delivers a sophisticated sound track as the DJ plays laid back and cool music while the saxophone player jams along with the beat. There is a microphone on the sax to help perfectly blend the music together and the mixes they reproduce live are amazing. The atmosphere these guys create as guests enter the room will set the tone for the rest of the night.

DJ & Sax Duo for you event
Saxophone Player & DJ Combo


Now everybody is seated and the meal is almost over, it might be time for a speech or the presentation? Now it's time for The Diva Waiters! Just as the desert lands on the tables they literally burst into action! They have been working the room for some time now causing small amounts of mischief while serving wine and performing general waiter duties. When they get a hold of the wireless microphones all hell breaks loose as they unleash hit after hit of all your favourite tunes. People still get a great kick out of the moment they reveal themselves and are always super impressed by the way they belt out the winning selection of music.

Christmas Diva Waiters in Ireland
Diva Singing Waiters


The meal is now over and your guests have left their seats for a smoke, fresh air or to go to the toilet. As the band are getting ready and setting up their equipment on the stage we now introduce the Dancing Robots! This unique idea simply stuns guests from the moment they enter the room. Robot -Ted is almost 9 foot tall and has serious moves that captivate audiences or choose from Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, Chewie The Wookie, Storm Troopers or R2D2 the most famous robot in the world. Also available is The Transformer Bumblebee, Iron Man and Batman.


The next part of the Christmas bash is the main Party Band, a live 5 piece act that can read the crowd and get the dance floor packed. Experience, real skill and a pro sound system will give your guests a night to remember because our party bands never fail to deliver. They can cover any musical style required and there are plenty of budget options available. Our Party Bands have extensive set lists and will go out of their way to ensure all guests enjoy themselves. Along with general party music we have bands that can specialise in Jazz, Classical, Trad, Rock, Swing, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and right up to the present day.


Now it's time for the DJ to whip the dance floor into a frenzy! You might be a bit tired form bopping away to the band but the party is not over yet. Our DJ MCs know exactly what to do, what to play and when. You and your guests are in safe hands and will be taken on a musical journey of your choice. The PA system and lighting rigs can be up-graded to include bass bins and LED FX for larger parties.
What happens next is the icing on the cake! It is time for Silent Disco as the band wraps up their gear. The DJ turns down the music and high quality wireless headphones are distributed to your guests. Now they can choose between 2 different channels of music at the same time! For example on channel 1 they can have a general party mix of radio friendly hits and well known party music and on channel 2 can be a bit more alternative like, Oldies, Hip Hop, Rock or Techno, It's up to you. The headphones sound brilliant had have a great range on them so people will simply dance late into the night. These Silent Disco systems are great for venues that have problems with noise, or have bedrooms too close to the function rooms.

So there you have it, a complete guide to booking fantastic Christmas entertainment that will run smoothly from start to finish and that will keep your guests thrilled.

These ideas are exclusive to Audionetworks so get in touch with one of our bookers and they will guide you through the whole process and give you friendly advice along the way.

Call us on 01 2013660 to check availability and costs.