6 Great Budget Friendly Ideas For Drinks Receptions

.....That Will Be Remembered!

6 Great Budget Friendly Ideas For Drinks Receptions

You’ve just exchanged your vows, both of you as well as your guests are sporting happy grins on their faces and you are all now looking forward to celebrating your marriage in style for the rest of your big day. So why not start with a memorable act right from the beginning of your once in a lifetime party? One that will set the tone for what is yet to come and not only that but will also inspire, amaze and bring joy to young and older.
You may be asked away from your guests for a little while to have your pictures taken and so it is of importance to you to keep the rest of your guests entertained whilst you and your partner set off to put memories into print.
If you are the kind of person that likes to think a little outside of the box for your Drinks Reception entertainer then we know exactly what to offer you at a price you can’t go wrong with, yet no talent and professionalism spared.

Audio Networks is renowned for knowing how to create a party atmosphere from morning until night, with just the perfect band and alternative act entertaining at the various stages throughout the day. As well as that our team prides itself on representing the most innovative and cutting edge wedding entertainment acts in Ireland which are exclusively for hire for a very competitive price only through us!

To give you an idea of what we are talking about please do check below for our Top Six Budget Friendly Ideas for your Drinks Reception.

...Should you still be on the look out for the main evening party band as well, please feel free to check out the most sought after Wedding Bands of 2016 which will be only too delighted to perform for you at your future ‘Happiest Day Of Your Life’ 🙂 http://audionetworks.ie/blog/best-wedding-bands-reviewed-2016/

Sax Players

The Suitable Sax with Tracks and the Suitable Sax Duo (saxophone with guitar or piano) are a smaller version of the very popular Sax Quartet 'The Suitable Saxes'.

Havana Club Trio

The Havana Club Latin Trio ( Promo Video )

With an extensive repertoire of Cuban Favourites and Latin induced rhythmic songs, the Havana Club Trio have played themselves into our clienteles' hearts.

Singing Waiters Ireland

The Opera Singing Waiters

From Diva to Opera and ABBA to rock chicks accompanied with an electric violin player, our Singing Waiters have taken over the wedding industry by storm.

Greeting Hosts ROBOTS

Star Wars clan with Audio Networks

Allow for yourself to take a step back from the ordinary and invite to your party the extraordinary to WOW and excite your youngest and oldest guest.

Digital Fire Art

Digital Fire Art with Audio Networks

Just imagine a visual masterpiece, combining light and colour to form abstract images, which will have everyone watching gasp in awe.

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