5 Budget Entertainment Options For Excellent Office X-Mas Parties

5 Budget Entertainment Options For Excellent Office X-Mas Parties

Having a small Christmas party this year? Want something really cool and on budget to entertain your work mates?

OK, the budget might be a bit tight but that does not mean you have to have a dull and uneventful session by any means. You are about to discover some really cool budget entertainment ideas below that will not cost the earth and that will deliver the WOW factor. Why not turn the event into something to remember for a long time and thrill your work colleagues with a few festive surprises

Duos and Trios

Our Duos & Trios are available in many different musical styles like Latin, Jazz, Traditional, Classical or Pop and with singers or simply instrumental. Perfect for small gatherings and drinks receptions as they create a lively atmosphere without being too loud. They can fit in a small area and can come with a small PA system to enhance the sound if required.

Satin Martinis Trio

Digital Fire Art

This is simply stunning!! It looks fabulous and is totally safe for use in doors. Professional digital fire jugglers put on a light show using cutting edge devices with powerful LED lighting to create a visual treat. It changes from a fire effect to a range of unique designs that will have your guests in awe. Perfect for when guests are arriving or for after the meal.

Digital Fire Poi Performer


This is the way to go if your budget does not stretch to a full live band. A good DJ MC will keep the energy just right in the room and will play a good selection of music to keep a small crowd happy and bopping away. If you need to make a quick speech or have announcements or prizes the DJ can provide a microphone and also ensure things run smooth on the night.

DJ Ideas from Audio Networks

Storm Trooper

Star Wars is huge and when a Star Trooper walks into the room people just love it. Everybody wants to get a photo with him and as a greeting host you will not find better. We can also brand them with your company logo to enhance the experience if required. If you want to pull out all the stops we also have Darth Vader and Chewie the Wookie for a more full on Star Wars experience.

Star Wars Style - Star Troopers For Hire

Silent Disco

This is great fun and has to be experienced! Ideal for a small get together as people tend to just go for it after a few minutes. Simply urn up the high powered wireless headphones to your desired volume and off you go. Most people dance on the spot so no actual dance floor required. You can even choose between 2 different types of music at the same time. Mini budget packages available to suit small parties so get in touch for more details.

For all the best in budget entertainment for Christmas please call our agents Faye, Sara, Suzy & Damien in the office on +353 (0)1 201 3660 or alternatively email us with all your questions to get your colossal-winter-bash-party-planning bauble rolling 🙂 [email protected]

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

5 Budget Entertainment Options For Excellent Office X-Mas Parties