Four Reasons to use an entertainment agency to book your Wedding Band:
The Kickbacks Band

Four Reasons to use an entertainment agency to book your Wedding Band:

Planning a big bash, like a wedding is not something most people have a massive amount of experience doing, it takes hours upon hours of planning and hundreds of correspondence with bands, Djs and venues. Let’s be honest, all that time could be much better spent planning the honeymoon of your dreams with your newlywed! This is where we step in. Take the stress out of booking your wedding entertainment and give yourself some real peace of mind, you won’t regret it!


Here are our top 4 reasons for booking your wedding entertainment through an agency:



1. Friendly (Professional) Advice

Our booking agents are experts in their field, and know exactly how to find your perfect wedding entertainment. All it takes is one phone call, a few details, and then they take over, finding you a band that’s perfect for your special day. With over 25 years of experience, they know exactly how to find each individual, the perfect package.

2. Security

When you book through an agency it takes the stress of planning all the little details: not knowing if the band is going to show up, if they have all the details or even the payment part. A booking agent will guide you through the whole process, send you a contract, make a payment plan, take in all the requests (eg. First dance, start time, songs you don’t like) and finally double check everything with you right before the big day just make sure nothing changed.

3. Musicians with a proven track

The next best good thing about using an agency is that we have years of research work done. All the musicians are fully vetted professionals, that just don't have the time to deal with all the inquiries - hence the booking agency.

Plus, instead of having to ask each wedding band for details you would get a list of bands, with online profiles, viewing dates, playlists and authentic testimonials.


4. Packages/ Bundles

We all know that a wedding entertainment is not just the wedding band after the meal: there’s the ceremony music, the drinks reception entertainment, the DJ and sometimes when the budget allows there’s the chance for unique entertainment (surprise acts, or high impact performances).

A booking agency has the power of negotiation, because we have all these options on our books. We can negotiate to bring the costs down if you book a bundle of different options as a package, saving you a few extra bob to spend on yourselves!


Don’t believe me? Take a quick look at some of the amazing wedding bands that we are lucky to work with:


Midnight Revellers:

Party at the back – 80’s

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