DDF Dance Crew

DDF Crew is a professional jump rope team from Belgium, specialized in entertainment.  In the crew are 3 brothers and a friend. They started to perform in 2002. DDF Crew performs a fast-paced combination of hip hop dancing, acrobatics, gymnastics and breakdancing moves. It looks amazing, exciting, dazzling.

Arms flashing and legs making unforgettable moves in the air, all to appropriately pounding music and with two constantly whizzing ropes to negotiate. DDF Crew, the only professional jump rope team in Europe became world famous with the music video “Rise Up” (Yves Larock) and their shows at the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, but maybe most of all with their victory in the 2012 edition of “Holland’s Got Talent”.

What makes DDF Crew excel is their unique personal style of choreographies. Spectators often forget that there are ropes involved, creativity and flawless routines is their trade mark. The show is choreographed for all kind of events. DDF has several two to six minute choreographies to offer for the corporate events and a fifteen-minute show for the festivals.

In the festival show there is an interaction included.  During this interaction the team swings the ropes and the audience learns how to jump like a professional jump rope athlete! DDF Crew has also customized options to offer like an UV light show, a spectacular choreography between DDF Crew and a hip hop dance crew

or shows specially designed for the product launches. Everything is possible! The suitcases of DDF Crew are always packed and they are ready to perform anywhere in the world at anytime. On the reference list there are already more than 40 countries! By booking DDF Crew, you are guaranteed to have an outstanding act.


– Winner Hollands Got Talent 2012
– Winner „Don’t stop me now” (UK tv show)
– Winner of the Slammer BBC (two episodes)
– Winner of Best Artist Award in 2010 Rogoscirk Russia
– Tomorrowland (Belgium)
– Formula 1 Abu Dhabi & Bahrain
– Yves Larock, Rise Up music video
– Motor show in Geneva and Dubai
– Strathmore Springwater commercial