“One of the most exciting new folk and  traditional Irish bands to emerge in a decade.”

Stephen McNulty (singer /songwriter), Petey Doran (bodhran and vocals), Terry Conlon (piano accordion /vocals) and Joanna Doran (classical violinist, soloist, keyboard) are longterm friends who hail from Co Armagh. Raglan are currently delighting audiences with their unique sound, inspiring vocals and spontaneous harmonies across the broad spectrum of Irish Folk and Traditional music and have had a very successful launch of their debut album ‘A New Dawn” at the Armagh Theatre and Arts Centre on the 14 th September 2012. The album is a mix of traditional tunes, ballads and new compilations to create a truly fresh and entertaining listening experience.



Raglan Trad band  are available for Concerts, Festivals, Family events, Weddings and Corporate events.


Album samples:

Track 1 http://www.raglanmusic.com/images/My-Belfast-Love.mp3

Track 3 http://www.raglanmusic.com/images/Smugglin-Men.mp3

Track 7: http://www.raglanmusic.com/images/The-Far-Rocks-Of-Sheetrim.mp3

Track 11 http://www.raglanmusic.com/images/Beautiful-Affair.mp3