Pat Byrne
Pat Byrne Singer and winner of 'The Voice'

Pat Byrne

Pat Byrne could have hung around basking in his Voice Of Ireland glory, but opted instead for marathon recording sessions in Bressie’s London studio. “There was a whole album to come up with, which I was adamant wouldn’t contain any covers, so we shut the doors and went into song writing lockdown!” Pat laughs. “Bressie invited Danny O’Reilly from The Coronas to join us and before we knew it we had five songs fully demoed.”

Pat is a member of The Funky Buskers, who were named one of the best wedding bands in Ireland in 2016.

Performance Videos

Pat Byrne - The River - The Final, Team Bressie
Pat Byrne - End Of The World
Pat Byrne, Team Bressie
Pat Byrne - All Or Nothing

Pat Byrne


Pat Byrne Musician

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