Italian Chanson Solo Performer

Italian Chanson Solo Performer Luigi Cirillo – Guitarist


Italian Chanson Solo Performer Luigi Cirillo has been dedicated to music studies since an early age. An eclectic route, through saxophone and guitar, has led him to singing, where he has found his natural expressive dimension. He improved his vocalism under the guidance of M. Mario Castiglia as a soloist and chorister.

He worked as a soloist with the Orchestra Fantasia Napoletana, touring throughout Italy. He performed in Poland and Spain as a chorister with the Renaissance ensemble Principe San Severino, participating in international art music festivals (colto/extracolto).
Among many, he played with Linley Hamilton, Espedito De Marino, Antonio Florio.
His continuous training allows him to exhibit an extreme vocal ductility, from throat singing to Renaissance and Jazz.

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Italian Chanson Solo Performer -Sample Set List

Serenata Italiana
(Luigi Cirillo voice and guitar)

  1. Spaghetti a Detroit
  2. Je so pazze
  3. Nuttata e sentimento
  4. Maruzzella
  5. Furturella
  6. Tu ca nun chiagne
  7. Guaglione
  8. Tu vuo’ fa l’americano
  9. Voce ‘e notte
  10. Passione
  11. Carmela
  12. Palomma ‘e notte
  13. Suonne sunnate
  14. Dicitancello vuje
  15. Reginella
  16. Merenariello
  17. Tazza ‘e cafè
  18. Silenzio cantatore
  19. Scalinatella
  20. Indifferentemente
  21. Rundinella
  22. Michelemma
  23. Malafemmena
  24. Quanno chiove
  25. Era de maggio
  26. Che calore
  27. 7000 caffe’
  28. Azzurro
  29. 50 special
  30. Almeno tu nell’universo
  31. Fenesta vascia
  32. Camisa Negra
  33. e la luna bussó
  34. Via (con me)
  35. Nel blu dipinto di blu (volare)
  36. Je te vurria vasà
  37. Che cos’è l’amor
  38. Tarantelluccia
  39. Je mammet’e tu
Italian Crooner
(Romantic Ballads with soundtracks)

  1. That’s amore
  2. Arrivederci Roma
  3. ‘O Sole mio
  4. Torna a Surriento
  5. Singing In The Rain
  6. Strangers in the Night
  7. Fly Me to the Moon
  8. Stormy Weather
  9. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
  10. But Not For Me
  11. My Favorite Things
  12. My Foolish Heart
  13. ‘Round Midnight
  14. Desafinado
  15. The Girl From Ipanema
  16. I Get A Kick Out Of You
  17. All Or Nothing At All
  18. ‘O marenariello
  19. I’ te vurria vasà
  20. Voce ‘e notte
  21. Oh Mary
  22. Anema e core
  23. Funiculì Funiculà
  24. Marechiare
  25. Home
  26. All the Way


Derbhla Lynch
I had to write this while it was fresh in my mind – but tonight was BRILLIANT! I thought the performances, both musical and vocal, were just terrific. When I heard it was ‘Italian music/poetry’, for some reason I didn’t expect Petrarchan sonnets – they were so gorgeous set to music!”
Mi è piaciuto il concerto molto. Siete stati fantastici. Musicisti di grande talento.
[I loved the concert. You were all brilliant. Very talented musicians.]
John M.
I have no doubt that all who attended my party, appreciated the amount of preparation and detail involved in producing your set. Many thanks. Fantastic guitarist.



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