Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

You may have heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that comes into effect May 25, 2018. We, at Audionetworks Music Agency Ltd , want to assure our customers, contacts, and suppliers that we are handling, and will continue to handle your data professionally, securely, and in accordance with the new regulations.

This privacy statement is applicable to any and all personal data that we collect, use, share and store about you when you book any of our entertainment acts, when you visit our websites or when you are in contact with us.

With more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment business, Audionetworks Music Agency Ltd. ( t/a AMA Music Agency ) aims to provide you with the best entertainment solutions. We represent original bands, cover bands, Specialist DJ’s, entertainment acts, performers, comedians, etc.

We also operate through various different websites such as: IrishWeddingBands, BudgetWeddingbands,, etc

We currently hold the following information for our customers and suppliers:
• Name and contact details
• Address
• E-Mail, Telephone and mobile numbers
• Payment details ( to handle refunds and payment suppliers only )

We use this information to forward to your contracts, booking forms, Invoices, Credit Notes, Statements, and General Sales Related Information regarding our products and services. We also use your data for internal administration purposes in order to comply with legal and fiscal obligations.

The data is retained as long as required in order to provide the best possible entertainment service. We generally retain personal data no longer than 3 years.

We do not sell your data, pass on to any third party any of your details except where we need to use this data to process agreed credit card transactions with a secure credit card service provider (Elavon Merchant Services). We do not hold any of your Credit Card information.

By continuing communication with Audionetworks Music Agency Ltd., you will have indicated your acceptance of our GDPR policy.