East 17 – Original Artist with AMA Music Agency Limited

In the 1990s, East 17 was one of the biggest bands selling over 22 MILLION albums – not to forget 30 NUMBER 01 singles in many different countries, as well as a UK Christmas number 01 with the very beautiful ‘Stay Another Day’

Now, EAST 17 ARE BACK and exclusively represented by AMA Music Agency!


Deutschland ist im East 17 Fieber und nach ihrem letzten Auftritt im ZDF-Fernsehgarten, scheint es so, als ob die Jungs gerne wieder öfter in Deutschland auftreten würden.

Wenn auch Sie gerne die Jungs von East 17 für Ihr Festival buchen möchten, dann melden Sie sich einfach bei Mark Downing ([email protected]).

Band History

  • In 2011 T Mobile comissioned a Royal Wedding spoof commercial which garnered more than twenty million You Tube Clips in a couple of weeks. To soundtrack the ad you can bet they were looking for something cheeky, irreverent and loved by the great British public. And naturally they didn’t have to look much further than East 17’s The House Of Love.
  • In June ’11 East 17 signed to FOD Records and in July the band will be releasing Secret Of My Life, the first fruit of recording sessions that saw an album release in September. The song is as catchy as hell and the strongest record the band have released since Stay Another Day – although one listen to the new album will convince you that there’s plenty more where that came from. It’s great to have them back indeed.