Wedding Saxophone Player in Dublin

For something that’ll bring a very special Soulful Tone to your Wedding Party or Corporate Function, our wedding saxophone player roster and extremely Versatile Saxophonists are a superb addition to your event. All our wedding saxophone players are of course trained to the highest of standard and ooze talent, professionalism as well as a genuine passion for their instrument.

With an abundance of Uniquely Creative Saxophone Combos and duos to choose from you can be assured your guests will be loving your musical entertainment option and we have very high hopes that you will also.

To suit your party the choice is truly yours. A favourite of our clients is the DJ & Sax Duo, which adds a gorgeous Jazzy Live Music Aspect to a DJ set. Naturally the DJ is happy to tailor his/her play list to your preferences, making it a very Personal Performance Act. The only limit is your imagination however, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the best show for your event and the perfect Saxophone combo for you & your guests.

Simply dial +353-1-201-3660 to speak with the team in the office, or alternatively fill in your details and enquiry via our Contact Form.

Wedding Saxophone Player – Mischa O’Mahony

It lies within our musicians’ experiences gathered performing alongside DJs & artists around the world, that will Enhance Your Private Party or Wedding. Our Saxophone Players in Dublin play soulful jazz tones and catchy pop licks, putting a unique twist on tracks, free-styling alongside other musicians as they weave their melodic magic through music with an intuitive feel.

With a Huge Repertoire from new classics to old favourites, special songs and popular jazz tunes, our players and also accompanying DJs and Musicians will contribute musical style, elegance and fun to your special celebration.

Without a doubt our fantastic Saxophone Players for hire in Ireland are a wonderful and Classy Performance Act which will invite the coveted WOW Factor to your next function.

Stephanie Hogan | December 2015 | Co. Clare

I wanted to have some musical entertainment at my wedding but wanted something a little different. I came across the DJ and Saxophone duo on the internet and absolutely loved what I heard and saw on the clip.
All I can say is that the show was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. They turned up on time, were professional, and most importantly the sound was unbelievable.
I would highly recommend The Sax & DJ combo as entertainment for any event.

Kind Regards

Wedding Saxophone Player – Gallery

Wedding Saxophone Player – A piece of history on saxophones

The saxophone is a woodwind instrument most commonly used in the Jazz music genre.

The sax was invented by Adolphe Sax in 1840. His intention was to improve his bass clarinet, but he ended up inventing a completely new instrument. Adolphe Sax patented the saxophone in France, on 28th June 1846.

The Jazz music craze that took place a few decades ago resulted in a huge increase of awareness and prevalence of saxophone acts, as it is considered by many to be the perfect instrument for this genre. There are 6 types of saxophones, each one representing one voice type: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass.

Hire one for your wedding now!

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